Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Most Spectacular Public Garden

Are you interested in seeing
one of the prettiest public gardens around?
If so, you simply must visit
Ganna Walska Lotusland
in Santa Barbara!!!

If you can't go in person,
come join me now on a mini "bloggy" tour...

I went last week (along with my class of 4th grader students).
Autumn in this 40-acre paradise is absolutely amazing!
Even though California is experiencing a
terrible drought, the staff members at Lotusland
have been able to keep the gardens in great shape.

The variety of beautiful and unusual plants is spectacular!
There are 15 main gardens,
including (but not limited to):
the tropical garden, the aloe garden, the topiary garden,
the succulent garden, the blue garden,
the cactus garden, and the fern garden.
They were all a delight to see and experience.

This 40-acre property was purchased decades ago
for a mere $40,000.
It was a private estate.
Upon the owner's death, it was donated
to the Lotusland Foundation.
Now, it is open to the public.

The above photo shows the Butterfly Garden.
It just does not do it justice.
I wish I could blog the wonderful smell...

In addition to the gardens,
Lotusland still has the home, pool, fountains, and
other parts of the original estate.
The home is closed to the public,
however it was fun to see the rest of the place.

There were so many strange, gorgeous plants.

I wish I were better at gardening.
I loved seeing all of the colorful flowers.

There were also unusual fungi and botanical oddities -
as well as a ton of birds, butterflies, and other creatures.

If you are ever visiting the Santa Barbara area,
I hope you will make time to visit this lovely place.
Also, you can visit the Lotusland website at


  1. I have never visited Lotusland and really need to put that on my To Do list.

  2. I enjoyed your photos since I'm sure I will never get out there to see it person. I live on the East coast and don't have relatives out your way. I have never been to California but would like to see it one day. I wish I could send the extra rain that we're getting here over to you since you need it and we don't. I'm anxious to see the sun again since it has been raining almost 2 weeks straight here! Glad that you were able to tour that pretty garden and enjoy something that wasn't affected by the drought.