Monday, November 16, 2015

French Breakfast in Santa Barbara

What is your favorite meal???
My fave is definitely BREAKFAST.  Yum!
The main reason... COFFEE.

When it is served in a large, French-style cafe au lait bowl it's even better. 
Recently, I enjoyed some wonderful coffee along with my French inspired breakfast at my favorite place:
Jeannine's in Santa Barbara. 

This delicious yumminess is the Apple Jack -
which is thick Challah bread dipped
in homemade spiced egg mixture and then topped with powered sugar and - wait for it -
brandy-glazed, thinly sliced apples.

With cafe seating outdoors, and white tablecloths indoors,
Jeannine's takes me back to the magnificent breakfasts I had at cafes throughout France.
And, their baked goods are amazing, too.

And if "French" isn't your thing, Jeannine's has a few other options - like a south-of-the-border breakfast quesadilla.
Look at that guacamole! 

It's all good (especially the coffee).


  1. oh! This all looks delicious! Absolutely perfect for any time. I would love to be there with you. We visited Santa Barbara a few weeks ago, and had some stellar dinners on the pier, and a wonderful lunch in the harbor.

  2. Well, it all looks so yummy. One day, I need to venture out there. Born and raised in California and I haven't been there yet. Happy Holidays.