Friday, August 7, 2015

5 Tips for Back to School plus FREE Printable

In addition to being a blogger & mom,
I am also an elementary school teacher.

So, I have a few tips to help you get your children
Back to School with success.
I also have a free chalkboard printable for you.

1. Start each day with a healthy breakfast.
Make sure it includes protein.
A protein-packed breakfast
helps your child concentrate
and helps your child put forth his/her best effort.

2. Read aloud each & every day.
Even when your child knows how to read well,
you should continue the practice of reading aloud 
each and every day.
It will help your child build his/her vocabulary
and it will help him/her access more complex material.

3.  Prep all school items the night before.
Make each morning less stressful
by spending a few minutes each night
prepping all of the items your child needs for school.

4. Pack a healthy lunch.
Keep the energy & concentration going throughout the afternoon by providing healthy food for lunch.
Kids love to get special notes in their lunches!

5. Reward good work AND good effort.
It is really important to focus on the effort
your child puts forth.  Grades are less significant.
You want your child to give their best effort.

As the new school year begins,
here is a free printable for you & your family:

You can print it and put it in a frame.

I hope this is a GREAT year.

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