Monday, June 8, 2015

"Buttery" Gallery Wall

Recently, I added a
gallery wall
to my living room.

The gallery wall
is on the large wall behind our big sectional sofa
(a necessary piece of furniture when
you have a lot of teenagers hanging out at your house).

I began with painting the wall a soft yellow color.
I used "Butter" subtle velvet paint
from Restoration Hardware.
I LOVE this color!
It's not too lemony; it's not too green.
"Butter" is the perfect name because that is
exactly what it looks like.
It adds a gentle brightness to the room.

My next step was to look through some
of our family photos.
I chose some of my favorites to display in the gallery.
I found family photos from trips to
Yellowstone National Park, Mackinac Island (Michigan),
San Francisco (California), Monterey (California),
and many other places. 

I had all the photos printed in black and white
to add cohesiveness to wall.
However, I used different size prints
to add variety.

I purchased a large gallery frame -
and several other matching frames - from Pier 1.
I love the rustic wood and the burlap mats!

My home's thermostat is located on this wall.
What to do about the eye sore???
Frame it, of course!

I found an inexpensive frame at Ikea that had
the appropriate depth to camouflage the
thermostat - and it almost matches the other frames.

Before creating my own gallery wall,
I spent quite a bit of time searching
for inspiration on Pinterest.
I noticed that the gallery walls I liked best
included photos and a variety of other items
for visual interest.

In order to break up the monotony
of all the rectangular frames,
I added this circular burlap "rose" wreath.
In addition, I hung a long, cylinder-shaped
container and filled it with branches and dried florals.

Next, I went to Pottery Barn and purchased
a large metal "M" - for our last name -
and a long shelf to use for creating a vignette.

I moved my painting of the Eiffel Tower
(which I recently purchased in San Diego)
from the foyer to this wall.
I hung it directly below the Pottery Barn shelf.

On the shelf, I added touches of red and yellow.
It ties everything together!
It connects the vignette on the shelf
to the pops of color in the painting.
The reds and yellows are also found elsewhere in the room.
The room feels more cohesive
with the addition of this galley wall.

Eventually, I will replace the white molding
with a thicker crown molding.
Also, I would like to replace the cover for the
heating vent with a decorated cover.

For now, however, I am so pleased with the way
this home decorating project turned out.
I love sitting on my couch and
looking at the family photos and other items
on the new gallery wall.

Au Revoir,

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  1. That looks so good! I like gallery walls with other things mixed in for interest too. I like how all of your frames match for a cohesive look. Framing the thermostat was a great idea! I don't even notice it now.

    1. Thanks! I was so happy to come up with a solution for hiding the thermostat a bit! :)

  2. Looks good! I especially like the M and framing the thermostat.

    1. The "M" is for my last name, right??? Although, for Maggie and me we get to enjoy twice as much!

  3. Your gallery wall looks beautiful, Michelle. Very clever way to "hide" the thermostat, too. {I don't know why builders can't think about where to put those!}

    1. Thank you! It is the thermostat and, in our house, the very ugly 1970's doorbell box. I must find a way to hide that next...