Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beautiful Budget Art for the Laundry Area

My redecorated laundry area
needed pretty new art.

Of course, it also had to fit within a very small budget.
After all, I didn't want to spend a lot of money
on art that would be hanging in my garage.

I found the perfect art, at the perfect price,
when I was on vacation on Balboa Island earlier this year.
This 2015 Paris calendar was in a shop on the island.

The calendar is printed on archival Italian paper.
All of the vintage images are very pretty -
and definitely worthy of being framed.
I love all things French, including these beautiful pictures.

As an added bonus,
the calendar was marked down by 50%.
Since 2015 was well under way when I found it,
the calendar was only $11
(less than $1 per image!!!).

The images are 11" x 14".
Fortunately, I was able to find the proper size frames
for a great price.
Michael's was having a special deal
on these frames:
3 for the price of 1.

The white frames look good against the
freshly painted walls
("Ocean Air" by Benjamin Moore).
The white also looks good
with the white washer & dryer
and the new white shelves.

The most difficult part was choosing 2 or 3
pictures to use in the laundry area.
I decided I wanted to use pictures that
included blue and had some water imagery.

My first choice was the Paris map
that features the Seine River.
The blue of the Seine is lovely.

I also chose another vintage Paris map to display.
The maps coordinate nicely
and the blue in the center of the image matches well
with the "Ocean Air" paint on the wall.

I hung the framed images on the wall
next to the window
(and, unfortunately, next to the hot water heater).

Come back for my next post
in which I will show you other art
in my laundry area makeover.

 Au Revoir,

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  1. Just discovered your blog and I share your love of maps. I have several and globes too. I read your post about your husbands grandmother-June Cleaver!! How special for you to have known such a remarkable person and had that special connection.

    1. I am so pleased that you discovered my blog. Please feel free to subscribe! Barbara was a very special woman and I am so glad that several things around my home were hers. They help remind me of her everyday.

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Great use of the maps/calendar prints. They look so nice as framed art. We did the same when my son found a bull fighting event poster in Spain and it was in good shape. So when we came home, we had it framed. What a nice remembrance and all at a low cost.

    1. What a wonderful souvenir from an exciting trip! Art that has personal meaning is the most special.

  3. I love the Cavallini calendars...they do make such fabulous art!....Love the Paris art and a great buy!

    1. Yes, the Cavallini calendar is very good quality. I had the time of my life in Paris, so I love to be reminded of that most special vacation. Hopefully, I will be able to return!

  4. Michelle, these turned out so beautiful! Calendars always are such a perfect choice for beautiful, yet budget friendly art. I think doing laundry while being greeted by these maps makes laundry much less of a chore. :)

    1. My garage laundry area looks soooo much better than it used to! It is much nicer to complete chores in a pretty environment.

  5. Love your new laundry room art! They turned out great. Thank you for sharing at THT.

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