Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Pool Party - Flamingo Fun

Last summer, at this time,
my family was celebrating 2 graduations and a birthday
all within the SAME week.
Yes, 3 parties for preteens & teens.

One party was an outdoor potluck on our
backyard porch.
Because it was a potluck, it was not too difficult.
However, I needed easy - but FUN -
ideas for the other two parties.
I decided they would both be pool parties
(just with different themes).

The first party had a pink & aqua 
This giant, five foot flamingo was the inspiration.

I ordered five of these flamingos
for the kids to play with.
They brought them in the pool and used them for games.
They were a HUGE hit - literally & figuratively!
(They were the same size as some of the party guests.)

The flamingos, pink, & aqua began with the invitations.
I made these on the computer.
(I really enjoy graphic design.)

The beverages followed the theme as well.
(Aqua sparkling punch, pink tropical punch, waters...)

These flamingo straws were purchased through
Oriental Trading.
That was also where I purchased the huge
flamingo floating toys.
Finally, I also bought flamingo "rubber duckies"
from OT for the party favors.

The party favors were put in these "millk boxes"
from Michaels.
I designed the labels with the same
clipart and font as the invitations.

There were some simple snacks
(like goldfish and strawberries with flamingo picks).

I kept the main dish easy - and just ordered pizzas.

The decorations were also kept fairly simple.
The pool is surrounded by beautiful landscaping
and it has a view overlooking the golf course.
So, I simply added some
balloons, streamers, and a few other minor pieces
in aqua and pink.

Finally, the party ended with the requisite birthday cake!
(I found the painted wood flamingos at Michael's.)

Overall, this party was VERY easy -
which is exactly what I needed.
Moreover, this party was FUN!
My daughter and her friends had a great time.
That was the best part of all.

Au Revoir,

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  1. Super cute! You make every party so festive, Michelle, and each one inspires me. Thanks for sharing, I love the bright colors and fun theme.

    1. Thanks! I love planning parties, especially when they are for the ones I love. BTW, I have been going through the older posts on your blog and I absolutely love it. It seems that we are kindred spirits!

  2. I was looking all over the internet to get some information on planning Summer Pool Party and how to choose best New York city party venue for that. Thanks for sharing this post! I will keep all these things in mind before reserving any venue.

  3. Flamingos! They sure are lovely to look at, though you don’t see a lot of them at poolside parties. Haha! I just love how creative and clever the idea was for this party. Anyway, you can never go wrong with a pool party. There’s just simply a lot of ways to have fun in the water. You won’t even notice the time, because you’re too busy enjoying the experience with everyone. Cheers!

    Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools