Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Back to Blogging

Sorry for the little bloggy break.

First, I've been sick.
I have a severe, chronic headache condition
and it has has been really bad lately.
I had to get another MRI and have some brain testing.

Then, I've had some important family occasions
to attend to.
In this photo, I am in Malibu, California with my son.
He attended the Youth Citizenship Seminar
at Pepperdine University -
which he called the best week of his life.

Then, I went with my family to Balboa Island
for a little vacation.
I remembered our dog, Toodles,
but I forgot my computer at home.
Just as well.  There is terrible Wifi there.
So, I went "old-school" and read a few books.

I also had to play "nurse".
All 3 kids had to go to Urgent Care while we were in
Orange County.  Say what???
My son had a sprained foot/ankle.
Then, my youngest daughter had a ruptured ear drum.
Finally, my oldest daughter had an infection which required antibiotics.  UGH!

At least the flowers were pretty...

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  1. goodness, that was certainly some vacation with the good and the bad! where is balboa island?

    i'm so glad you stopped by my blog and commented on my trip to paris, you are right, i feel like going back, too. enjoy!