Friday, July 3, 2015


I am simplifying.

This was the couch that I had in the 
formal living room of my former home.

I love the carved details and the high quality.

The rolled arms and well-cushioned seat
always made it very comfortable.

It is currently covered in a pretty, butter-yellow fabric.
Except, when I first inherited this piece,
it was covered in a ripped, dirty pink velvet.
I like it much better now...

It's a pretty couch.
I want to keep it.
My kids want to keep it.
Even my husband wants to keep it.

But we can't always get what we want...

We are putting this couch up for sale.
It's too formal for the seaside cottage we now live in.
It's also too small for our family of 5.
We have 3 teenagers and they
often have a gaggle of friends over.

This couch is a bit delicate to handle a bunch of teens.

So, we are saying goodbye to this pretty little thing.
I am "embracing" the super huge
light-brown sectional that takes up our entire den.
It seats a million teens and it is indestructible.
It is just where we are in our lives right now.
And, if everyone is comfy -
well then, I am happy.


  1. I used to live in a 100+ year old Victorian farmhouse. It held lots of antique furniture, largely belonging to my husband as I am not a fan of old houses or antiques. Moving into a new home with new furniture all featuring simple, straight lines, was such a restful thing to do. Since I am the only one in the household who cleans, I have to say it was wonderful getting rid of all of the old dust-catching items with curly molding.