Monday, December 1, 2014

"Field Trip" to Roger's Gardens

As I promised yesterday,
I am doing a full blog post
about the "field trip" I took with Bestie D & Bestie M
to Roger's Gardens.

According to their website:
Roger’s Gardens is a destination home and garden store for those seeking creative ideas and unique products for outdoor and indoor living. The grounds at Roger’s Gardens are filled with beautiful foliage and flowering plants, fountains and designer pottery.
At Roger’s Gardens, fine home furnishings, d├ęcor, collectibles, holiday items and fine art from select vendors all over the world are brought together in a unique, coordinated presentation that compliments and enhances their value and inspires the shopper.
Roger’s Gardens has been a landmark destination in Orange County for more than 50 years, this family-owned business features a passionate staff offering expert advice and service.
Roger’s Gardens is located directly across from Fashion Island in beautiful Corona del Mar, CA.

 At Christmas, Roger's welcomes you with a
delightful holiday scene including this cute train!

My besties and I couldn't stop ourselves from
oohing and aahing over all the pretty things we saw.

From live themed Christmas trees
to jeweled Christmas trees,
Roger's had an incredibly diverse assortment.

Look at these gorgeous trees dripping in vintage jewels!

If I had the time, patience, and resources -
I might attempt a tree like this myself.
Bestie M is super-duper crafty,
so Bestie D & I were trying to encourage her to make one.

This treat-themed tree was one of my favorites!

Because of my LOVE of all things French,
this quirky French-themed tree was my favorite.
 The staff at Roger's used green absinthe as
their inspiration for the tree.

The liquor cabinet and the Notre Dame Cathedral ornaments
were some of the eye candy on this beauty.

Roger's certainly has items on the expensive side.
They do, however, have affordable options as well.
I purchased two mercury glass votive holders for $3.50 each.
Then there was this guy:

This antique santos doll was...?
Bestie M guessed $600.
Bestie D guessed $1,200.
Actual cost:  $15,000.
Needless to say, we said "Au revoir" and left him at the store.
(Do you see him waving goodbye?)

 These lovelies were in a tray next to him.
Now I regret not buying one.  :(

 Santa collectors would be in heaven at Roger's!

It was a great time.
We came away with all sorts of goodies:
from wind-chimes to candles - and much more.
We were able to buy some gifts for friends and family
(and a few "gifts" for ourselves).

Then, we ventured out into the parking lot
(with our arms loaded with bags)
when we were treated to THIS gift:

 The sunset and the Pacific Ocean!
(No Photoshop required...)

The beauty of nature
and the beauty of 33+ years of friendship
made the day spectacular!

Au Revoir,

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