Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fueling Up for Shopping

Going down to stay at Balboa Island
during my kids' Thanksgiving vacation
is a nice "tradition" my family has had
for the past several years.

It is a great time to get a jump on my holiday shopping.
Fashion Island, Roger's Gardens, & South Coast Plaza
are all just minutes away.
In addition, there are many darling shops on
the Island itself.

I always travel down to Balboa with a list of gift ideas.
Then, I add to that when I see creative gifts on display
which I know will be perfect for the people in my life.

When Bestie M and Bestie D came down,
we brought along a couple of our daughters (2 of 5).
We began our time together at Fashion Island.
We all agreed we needed some nourishment
before we started shopping.

So, we began our time together at the restaurant, Lemonade.
It is a trendy, upscale "cafeteria".

 You grab a tray and go down the line to choose your food
from a variety of delicious choices.

There are so many really good things to eat,
it is hard to choose.
For example, Lemonade offers a curried cauliflower with toasted pine nuts that is sensational!
(P.S. Many of the Lemonade recipes are on Pinterest - FYI.
I now make the curried cauliflower at home
and it's become a family favorite.)

 The variety is amazing.
It's a great place for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

 Then, of course, Lemonade offers their
delectable specialty lemonades.
I've tried several and they have ALL been fantastic.
This time, I had the blood orange lemonade.

(If you can't have lemonade,
there are other beverage choices.)

After our meal, we were READY to GO!

More on our shopping trip to come...

Au Revoir,

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  1. Since I live in Santa Cruz and have a friend who lives down South-we have been to Balboa Island a few times too-very nice!