Monday, October 13, 2014

Life is Beautiful

La Vie est Belle

in other words
"Life is Beautiful"

It's the title of a gorgeous book I picked up
at Anthropologie.
I saw the book and flipped through it to
see all of the marvelous photos.
It was love at first sight.

Still, I didn't buy it right away.
I walked out of the store.
A few days later, I still had some of the images
floating around in my head.

I wanted MORE!

I went and bought the book.
It was the magical merging of two things
I absolutely love: books and almost all things French.

I love the soft colors on the cover,
so I decided to display the book on my coffee table.

Soon after I purchased my new book,
I received a gift from a family that I know
(I was the teacher for both of the children in the family).

It is a candle
(which, by chance, is also from Anthropologie).
It is called "Volcano"...
and it smells divine.
It is my favorite scented candle EVER.

In addition to the scent,
I also like its pretty gray jar.

I placed the candle on a metal "doily"
that I purchased in Provence, France
about 2 years ago.
I added this to my coffee table, too.

Now, I have a beautiful table...
and a beautiful life. 

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  1. Love your vase and I love a good decor book. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.