Sunday, October 12, 2014

Things Don't Have to Be Perfect...

Things don't have to be perfect
in order to have a perfectly wonderful experience.

This weekend, Bestie D came up to visit.
Also, Bestie M and her husband, Bestie S, 
came up with their three daughters.

This morning, we went for a walk
to the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
I saw these purple wildflowers along the way.

These flowers are pretty - but they are not perfect.
The dry, drought conditions in California
have caused the purple petals to curl.
The leaves are dry and spotted.

Still, I took a moment to take a few photos.
They weren't perfect, but they were pretty.

The views weren't perfect, either
It was a little hazy.
Bestie S and Bestie M didn't mind
(and neither did I).
The weather was nice and
the smell of the ocean breezes made us all HAPPY!

Here are the kids!
Oops, my daughter isn't looking at the camera.
It isn't a "perfect" photo,
but I'll always treasure it.
They are all so HAPPY.
We were having fun!

Yesterday, I hosted dinner for all eleven of us.
I thought my friends were arriving at 6:30 -
but at 4:30 they were on my doorstep.

It wasn't perfect.
The tablescapes that I had planned
weren't set up.
I needed a shower (& change of clothes).
Oh well...
My lovely friends pitched in and we had a
delightful dinner.
We enjoyed just being with one another.

It wasn't perfect.
I didn't take any photos of the imperfect "tablescapes".
Do you know what?
We all had a perfectly fun time together
that's what counts.

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  1. You are so right, Michelle. Things don't have to be perfect--time spent together with family and friends is what truly matters. Your last photo is awesome!

    Michelle in Riverside