Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween "Witch-Craft"

Today I have a little play on words for you:
a witch craft
Ha! Ha!
 It's really the first one.

This is my take on a hanging door craft.
There are many different variations of this
craft on Pinterest (so I can't give credit
to the person who originally came up with the concept).

It all started with a trip to Michael's -
when I spotted a burlap witch sign.
Well, with my current "crush" on burlap,
I couldn't resist.

 Cute, huh?
It even has a little postal mark
with "Happy Halloween Oct 31".

It was 40% off (plus my teacher discount of 15%).
At that price, I couldn't resist.

I remembered some of the hanging door crafts I have pinned.
So, I went and picked up a
wreath hanger for my door and 
the black letters for "B-O-O".

On my way to the checkout counter,
I saw this little skull flower.
I put that in my cart, too.

For years, my kids have been asking for
Halloween-themed decorations
(rather than my general fall decorations).
Does this fulfill that request???

I put the door hanger over our coat closet door.
Then, I hung the witch sign and tied a burlap bow
over the hook.
I added my skull flower to the center of the bow
(it just clipped on).

I tied the letters for "BOO" vertically
using some black polka-dot burlap ribbon I had on hand.
For some reason, I felt it need a bit more.
I wanted something to tie in with the skull flower.
So, I added little burlap flowers
to the ribbon in between the letters.

That was it!
This cute Halloween craft took less than 5 minutes.

Au Revoir,

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  1. Love it Michelle - cute play on words and such a pretty door hanger. Gotta love burlap this time of year!
    Marie@The Interior Frugalista