Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Flowers #7

Happy Sunday!

Today, my whole focus was on 
making our house

I don't mean that I was decorating
our home with cozy colors
or calming vignettes.

I mean that I wanted everyone to feel
free to relax and enjoy.

Sometimes, it is easy to focus on the "shoulds".
As in, "I should fold the laundry"...
"I should organize this closet."

We are a family of five.
My husband and I have three teenagers at home right now.
We also have two cats and one dog.
Our little cottage is a busy place.
There are a lot of chores that could be done.

Just not today.
Today was a day to relax.
Watch some football.
Take a hike.
Photograph some pretty "surprise" flowers
that popped up in the front yard.

I hope you have had a wonderful, peaceful Sunday.

Au Revoir,

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