Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Indoor Autumn "Wreath"

I am in the process of making
some changes in my living room.
In the meantime,
I wanted to add a touch of fall to my decor.

This simple oval "wreath" only required 5 items
and a few minutes.

First, I bought the metal & wood
wall decoration at Michaels.
It was on clearance for 80% off.
I also get 15% off all Michaels purchases
because I am a teacher.
In other words, this part of the project
was SUPER inexpensive!

 Originally, the wood frame was white.
I brought out some of my new Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
in French Linen and painted the frame.
Now it matches some of the other items in the room.
What a difference a little paint can make!

While I was at Michael's,
I also picked up a roll of burlap ribbon
and a pre-made burlap bow.

I know there are tons of tutorials
on the internet about making the perfect bow.
I've tried.  Really, I have tried.
For some reason, I cannot make a beautiful
decorative bow to save my life.
I tried again for this project.
When I saw how pathetic my bow was,
I attached the pre-made burlap bow
with a twist tie from an old loaf of bread.

By the way, I am sooooo loving burlap right now!

About two weeks ago, I went to Jo-Anns.
I haven't been inside Jo-Anns in years
(since we don't have a store nearby).
They had a ton of great things for autumn.
Fortunately, I controlled myself.
 I only purchased a few things.
This "Autumn Blessings" sign was one of the few items
I picked up that day.
It was so pretty I couldn't resist (and it was 40% off).

I love my indoor "wreath"
and I enjoy the little bit of fall ambiance it brings to my home.

Items needed:
     wall decoration (round or oval)
     Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
     paint brush or foam brush
     burlap ribbon (or burlap bow)
     autumn sign

Au Revoir,

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