Friday, March 25, 2016

Ferris Bueller's (aka Michelle's) Day Off

To those of you who have gone temporarily blind at the sight of my tacky acrylic nails, I apologize for not warning you ahead of time.
I know that acrylic nails are supposed to be totally out of style and gauche, but they make me happy.
At age 46, I don't care too much about what others think about my nails, I just want to like them and be happy.
Another thing that makes me happeeeee:
Starbies Venti Nonfat Latte at 130 degrees.

I have the world's tiniest nail beds.
The women at the various nail salons I have gone to in my life always point, and laugh, and say (what I imagine to be) rude comments about my dinky nails in another language.  Well, they are small - so I need a little bit of acrylic tip help to make them semi-normal.

I know I also have grossly dry hands.
It is because I have been around 21 4th-graders who have been hacking and sniffing away for the past 3 weeks.
I wash my hand about 20,000 times a day.
Let's just say that I would rather have dry hands than be deathly sick with the plague-like cold that has been circulating through my classroom.

I went with French Pink - for Easter.
It is a small pleasure.

I am trying to fill my entire day today with small pleasures.
It's my day off.
The hubby & kids are all at work/school, so I have the day to myself to relax and enjoy.

So, I started the day with a mani and a Starbies.
Then, off to my beloved Williams-Sonoma to see if there were any good goodies to be had for Easter.
There were!

Scored a great price on some very pretty plates.
I am hosting a luncheon on Easter.
The kids' table will be set with the preppy bunny plates I purchased last year.
The grown-up table will be set with the WS plates I bought today.  Come back tomorrow for a preview of the Easter tablescapes!

Then, it was off to Macy's for some retail therapy.
I used a gift card from my birthday to get some clothes for my upcoming vacay to Balboa Island.
I cannot wait!

Final stop = See's Candies for some Easter chocolate.
Alas, the chocolate is not for me.
It's for the "Teenage Easter Baskets" I'm helping the Easter Bunny with.  With one of my "chicks" leaving for college this Fall, this might be the final year for this.
Maybe not...

I bought a million calories and spent a million dollars...
but, WHATEVER!!!
I hope they like the treats (I know they will).

Finally, I came home and chilled with a binge session reading years of back posts from a blog I just discovered.
It's called Faux Fuchsia, and I am totally crazy for it.
The woman who writes it is just real and wonderful.
If you don't follow it, you have to pop over there!

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