Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Loot Shoot (Part 2)

During the last weekend in July,
I was able to go to a few yard sales around Santa Barbara
(with my Stabucks nonfat latte, bien sur).
For a mere $15, I was able to purchase 6 wonderful items.

The angels were looking watching over me
when I arrived at the first yard sale.

This gold cherub frame (5" x 7") looked brand new.
So pretty!

It looks great with the other gold frames
I have in my living room.
I love having photos of my
family throughout my home.

At the next yard sale,
I found this lovely antique sconce.

I love its worn look and delicate details.

It is so pretty.  I'm still trying to decide where it will hang.

Finally, I picked up 5 little wood napkin rings.
They were only 75 cents.

5 is the perfect number because we have
5 members in my family.
I think I may end up using some ASCP on them.

Well, there you have it!

For a mere $15 I was able to acquire a Delft plate,
Scottish mug, cherub frame, mirrored tray
candle sconce, and napkin rings.


  1. You found some great items. I love that frame!!