Thursday, July 23, 2015

Tuscan-inspired Tablescape

Do you want to know what I love BEST about my home?
I have the most spectacular neighbors!!!

On Sunday morning, my hubby & I decided to take
an early walk down to the beach.
We were going to "unplug" & enjoy - 
so, we did not take our phones.
Our 3 teenagers were still fast asleep.
I merely left a little note on the kitchen counter.
I was fairly certain my hubby & I would be back
before any of them were even awake.

Alas, it was not to be.
It turns out the pipes leading to our water softener
had BURST!
It was even loud enough to wake my son
(who, by the way, can even sleep through
California earthquakes).

All three kids scrambled around trying to
fix the situation.
My older daughter ran over to our sweet neighbor's house.
She asked for help and, sure enough,
our neighbor shut off the water and saved so
many of the items in our garage.
He was a hero!

When my hubby & I returned, we heard the
whole story about the pipes/water.
We immediately went over to thank our great neighbor.
He, of course, was humble and just said,
"That's what neighbors are for."

We live on a small cul-de-sac with 8 homes.
All of of our neighbors are wonderful.
I feel very fortunate.
I am especially thankful for the neighbor (& his family)
that saved us from a potential FLOOD.
They are wonderful, kind people.
In addition, they have 2 teenagers that are good
friends with my teens.

Last night, I had a little impromptu dinner
with our neighbors - as a little "thank you".
I set the table to evoke the feeling of Tuscany
using colors of orange, blue, and white.

Orange chargers - Michael's
Blue & white plates - Crate & Barrel (Made in Italy)
Orange mini french ovens - Costco - La Crueset
Silver - Royal Danish
"Parcel Post" place card stickers - Hobby Lobby
Orange tulips - Trader Joe's

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  1. How fun. Such a clean and crisp look. So very inviting!

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  2. Your table looks so beautiful! I'm glad you didn't have much damage from the broken pipes. You are so fortunate to have so many wonderful neighbors, I am not so lucky!
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. I had to throw away only a few items. Most of the stuff just needed a good wiping down. I am sorry to hear about your neighbors. I have had my share in the past - and it can really make life miserable. Thanks for visiting & commenting!

  3. Replies
    1. I love to entertain. Impromptu moments are my fave!

  4. Very nice! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!