Friday, July 24, 2015

Teenage Son's Bedroom - Mood Board

My son will soon be starting
his SENIOR year in high school.
Say what???
Where did all the time go?
For his final year at home,
I would like to give his bedroom a makeover.

I have created a mood board to help steer my
decisions for his bedroom.
In our cottage, his north-east facing bedroom gets the least amount of natural light.
For that reason, I want to keep it light & neutral.

Living by the sea,
this color palette (by design seeds on Pinterest)
is a great jumping off point.

I have been searching and searching for the right
color to paint his walls.
It cannot be dark at all.
I think something that has a slight blue-grey
would be perfect.
(Right now, the walls are 1970's tan.  Ugh!)
This color is called "Patriotic White" by
Benjamin Moore.  I'll have to try it as a sample.
I don't want the room to look like it's for a baby boy.

After, painting the focal point of the room
is the bed (obviously).
I like this ticking stripe duvet cover from IKEA.
It is great for the queen-sized bed in the room.
I think it will also look nice when this room is the guest room.
Additionally, the price is fantastic.

There isn't room for a bedside table,
so I found this little holder on Pinterest from a site called dormco.  It will hold all his necessities.

About 2 years ago,
my dad built my son a desk very similar to this
one from Pottery Barn Teen.
It has a small shelf with cubbies on the top.
This will stay in the bedroom.
It is a great looking piece...
and it is necessary for homework.

Above the desk, I would like to put this map.
My son can scratch off areas he has traveled to.
I found this map on Amazon.
I think it would serve as unique & colorful art.

On the opposite wall, I would like to build
some shelves for storage & decor.
I found this Restoration Hardware knock-off on Pinterest.
Here is the inspiration:

I will let my son choose items to display.

On another wall,
I would like to build some hooks.
My son can then hang his backpack, lacrosse bag,
and other items
(and get them OFF THE FLOOR!  *wink).

Finally, I would like to add a trunk to his room for storage.
He can take this trunk with him when
he goes off to college next year (insert sob).

I had a locking trunk in college and it was the best item
I had.  It made it easy to move around
and it provided a small amount of security for my items.

Do you have any additional suggestions
for this "Guy's Room Makeover"?
If so, please leave them in the comments section.

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