Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Flea Market Tablescape Goodies

A week and a half ago,
I attended a flea market in Montecito, California
at the Music Academy of the West.
I came home with a variety of goodies.
In addition to other items,
I bought dishware and table linens.

I love putting together tablescapes
and I enjoy creating pretty environments
for parties and family dinners.

Right when I arrived,
I saw this set of white plates from Pottery Barn.
There were 7 dinner plates from the
 "Great  White" collection.

I suppose because there were 7,
rather than a set of 8,
the entire set of plates was only $5 total.
(This is a really good deal, if you see what each plate sells
for on the Pottery Barn website.)
I have a family of 5... so 7 is just fine for me.
I love serving meals on white plates,
because the color of the cuisine really pops!

A minute later, I found these
beautiful blue & white plates which were made in Italy.
I love the design!
I can imagine using these in tablescapes
out in my backyard
(which has Mediterranean-style terraces off of the porch).

The set of 7 plates (again) was $7.
AND, right next to the plates was a large platter for $5.
The platter is a similar style, but a different pattern.
It was also made in Italy.
I will certainly be serving up food on
this lovely platter when my table is set with these dishes.

I planned to skip the linen area of the flea market altogether.
However, I had to go inside that room to find my friend.

It was meant to be.
I walked in and saw these wonderful double-sided placemats.
The scalloped edges are so pretty.
I like the pattern on both sides so much,
I may have trouble deciding which side to use
each time I decide to pull them out.
Fortunately, there were also matching
double-sided cloth napkins, too.
The whole set (placemats & napkins) was only $8!
I love getting a great deal on well-made items.

Please come back to see how I use some
of my new treasures to create beautiful tablescapes
in the weeks ahead.

Au Revoir,

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  1. Wow, great finds. You'll use those white plates for years to come.