Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Sea Share #1

The sea is such a marvelous thing.
I love going to the seashore and spending time at the beach.

Is there anything more peaceful and calming
than the sound of the ocean water lapping onto the shore?

Is there anything more brilliant
than the vision of the sun sparkling on the blue water?

Is there anything more relaxing
than the rocking of the ocean water
and the ebb and flow of the ocean waves?

Is there any sensation quite as wonderful
as the feeling of the sand between your toes?

Right now, I am reading the book,
Love the Home You Have
by Melissa Michaels
(blogger of The Inspired Room -

I'll admit, sometimes I have a little bit of difficulty
loving the home I'm in.
It is smaller and older than our former home
and there are quite a few "quirks".

Melissa's book is great, though.
It is really helping me see past the quirks
and embrace the reasons I bought my home
in the first place.
Reason #1:  My cottage's proximity to the sea
and it's location in Santa Barbara, California.

I love the ocean and I feel so blessed to live here.

For all of you in the "land-locked" states,
I hope that seeing some photos
of the sea from time to time
will bring you a sense of joy, peace, and happiness.
Happy Sunday!

Au Revoir,

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