Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Laundry Area BEFORE

Get ready for scenes from a

This was my laundry room for the past 2 years.
Actually, it isn't a "room" at all.
It is a section of my garage.
Real estate prices in Santa Barbara are some of the
highest in the country.
This isn't a problem if you are Oprah Winfrey, Rob Lowe,
or some other fabulously wealthy person.

Many of the "regular" homes in my area
do not have laundry rooms.
Instead the washer & dryer reside in the garage.

When we moved in, this area was not a high priority.
We inherited the former owners' washer & dryer,
and they did the trick for a time.

Then, in December, the dryer began to make some
"funny" noises. So, I called my Dad.
(He's my go-to handyman - and a licensed electrician.)
He looked at both the washer & dryer
and gave us the news.
Both items were on their last legs.
Ugh!  This isn't the best news to get at Christmas time.

The truth is, the whole laundry area
was on its last legs.
Things were looking mighty bad in here.
It was time for a makeover.

I wanted to spruce up the whole area.
A "secret Santa" helped get us started!
For Christmas, we were given a wonderful
new front loader and a new dryer!!!

The beautiful new appliances looked
out of place against the disgusting walls.
It was time for the whole space
to become more of a "room" - 
and a pretty, inspiring place to do my family's laundry.

I have been working on it 
(as much as time & budget have allowed)
since January.
Now, I am getting closer to the end.
I cannot wait to reveal the final space very soon!

Au Revoir,


  1. Looking forward to the after photos!

  2. Thank you! Look back this upcoming week for some of the "after" posts. It is still a garage, but the laundry "area" looks a lot better.
    Xoxo "AuntieElle" (Nice pseudonym),