Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Laundry Area Makeover - Decor

A laundry room, or laundry area, should be a place
that combines both form and function.

Before my laundry area makeover,
this space was functional.
However, it was not a pleasant place to do laundry
(and, with three teenagers, I do A LOT of laundry).
There was no beauty.

Because our cottage is near the beach,
I decided to use the sea as my inspiration.
I began by painting the wall a soothing blue
("Ocean Air"  2123-50 by Benjamin Moore).

Next, I added some white shelves.
This way, I could have a place for must-haves:
detergent, bleach, baking soda, vinegar, and dryer sheets.
I would also have space for some pretty items.

I found this antique iron about fifteen years ago.
My hubby and I were traveling north from
Los Angeles to the California Gold Country.
We stopped for gas in the "middle of nowhere"
and there was a little antique shop attached
to the convenience store.
I bought the iron to use as a bookend.
Now, it's (appropriately) in the laundry area.
The rosemary plant adds a live element.

I found this blue wood & chicken wire basket
at another shop.  Right away, I was drawn to the
French farmhouse feel of the piece.
I also loved the chippy-blue color.
It was perfect.  It could hold my dryer sheets,
as well as two blue spray bottles
(one containing Simple Green - which gets out any stain -
and one containing white vinegar).

In yesterday's blog post,
I showed my new crystal dispenser for
liquid laundry detergent.
I also purchased some large glass jars
to hold some of my powdered cleaners.
(Yes, I noticed later noticed that some of the chalk letters had rubbed off
and that it is baking soda, not powder; fixed now.)

On one of the shelves,
I also added a crystal bowl full of sea glass
(because every space needs a little bling).

 Doing laundry is NOT one of my favorite tasks,
but it is soooo much nicer in my new space.
Please come back to see more of my laundry area
makeover in the upcoming week.
Coming up soon...

Au Revoir,

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