Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flea Market by the Sea

It was a beautiful day to be outside at the Flea Market.

This was my view as I drove down the 101 Freeway
along the Pacific Coast
to meet Bestie D and Bestie M
at the Ventura Flea Market.

Yes, this is winter in California...

The day was clear and lovely.
I had a clear view of the
Santa Barbara Channel Islands
as I drove the 45 minutes to the
Ventura County Fairgrounds.

I haven't been able to attend the Flea Market here
in quite some time,
so I was very excited that it worked out!
I was especially pleased
that Bestie D & Bestie M
were able to join me.

Although there weren't as many vendors
as there have been on some of my previous visits,
the Flea Market had enough good stuff
to make it a fabulous day.
Each of us found goodies to bring home with us.

We also found some odd items...

I took this photo of Chuckie as a joke for my son.  :)
The things I purchased were a bit more "refined".

The ladies and I had a wonderful time
searching for special treasures -
while breathing in the fresh scent of the ocean air.

I'll share my purchases in my next post.
I can't wait to share what I found!

My friends and I are excited to return
when the Flea Market returns at the end of March.
Until then...

Au Revoir,

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