Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Flowers #10

Many people throughout the country
are experiencing an Arctic blast.
 We haven't had the snow & freezing temperatures,
but it feels like fall in Santa Barbara.

Just remember, that under the snow
are the dormant spring flowers.

Three and a half years ago,
my family & I went to Yellowstone.
By chance, we arrived days after snow
had melted from most of the Park.
The tiny, white flowers (shown above)
were a clue that the snow layer had recently melted.
In fact, they were on the ground
just below a still partially frozen waterfall.

Flower were everywhere!
Our guide told us that even 5 days before
none of these flowers had bloomed because the
hills had still been covered with a layer of snow.

What good timing!

Yellowstone certainly offers visitors grand, stunning views.

It is important to take those views in
and appreciate the grandeur.

Yet, it is also important to look down
and notice the small, beautiful miracles of nature.

It is the same way in life.

Weddings, graduations, birthdays...
these things help create lasting memories.
However, the day to day family dinners,
the car rides to school, the everyday moments
are also the beautiful miracles of our lives.

Have a wonderful, special week.

Au Revoir,

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