Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's in the Details

Sometimes, my favorite things aren't
the super dramatic changes I make to my home.

Sometimes, the small details
make me really happy.

I really like pinecones.
They have a beautiful simplicity.
In addition, they remind me of my grandad.
He lived in the Gold Country of California's Sierra foothills.
When I was young, we would go on long
hikes through the forest
whenever my family and I would visit him.
I always collected a few pinecones
to take home with me.

This pinecone pillow is the first decorative pillow
I purchased as a newlywed.
It came from the store, Pierre Deux.
Unfortunately, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2011
and the stores closed.
It makes this lovely pillow even more special to me.

The colors and details are stunning.
The quality is excellent.

With acorns and autumn leaves decorating the border,
this pinecone pillow
is one of my favorite things.

Earlier in the fall,
the pillow was in my bedroom.
A few weeks later,
I moved this beauty out into the den
so friends and family could enjoy it, too.

I know.
It's just a pillow.
Still, sometimes the small details make all the difference.
Au Revoir,


  1. It is beautiful pillow with beautiful sentiments...I so love the Pierre Deux sad it closed and so sad that the world lost the great Charles Faudree....

    1. I have heard that some Pierre Deux items can be found through ebay, etsy, etc. but it's not quite the same to me. Thanks for your comment!
      Happy weekend,