Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Santa Barbara SUPER Smoothie

Just one of the many things
I like about Santa Barbara
is the community focus on healthy living.

In the Santa Barbara area
there is access to a Farmer's Market
every day of the week.
 The schools also promote healthy lunches, etc.

I have three teenagers at home.
When they are getting ready for school,
our home is a BUSY place!
While they are focusing on others things,
I am trying to ensure that they do not
leave the house until they've had a healthy breakfast.
It is not easy.

Enter my creation:  the "Santa Barbara Super Smoothie"

The kids love the smoothies I make.
They taste like dessert in a cup -
but the smoothie is full of healthy stuff.

 The most important ingredient is
I always make sure to add some protein powder
to give my kids sustained energy while they're at school.
I use one that is flavorless.

Flavorless psyllium is the next critical addition.
This is a great source of natural fiber -
which means it helps my kids feel full
(and has other health benefits).
I got the idea of adding psyllium from Dr. Oz.

A big splash of flax oil is the final "secret"
ingredient for the "Santa Barbara SUPER Smoothie".
It is a great source of Omega-3,
which provides countless health benefits!

Now... on to the fun part!

First, I always add a fresh banana
in order to give the smoothie a thicker consistency.
Then, I add a variety of frozen fruit.
Typically, I buy a frozen berry mix & frozen pineapple chunks.
Sometimes, I will add frozen mango.
This is the FLAVOR!

Then, I add a few scoops of nonfat, plain yogurt
(for thickness and more protein),
and I finish it off with orange juice.
 All of these items are placed in my Ninja Blender
and I blend until smooth.

All of this is super fast.
My kids love it and I know they are going to school
with a healthy breakfast.

Au Revoir,

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