Friday, September 12, 2014

Red Apples & Stripes

There is a heat wave in Santa Barbara
right now.
I had planned to do certain things this weekend,
but with these temperatures
those tasks will have to wait.

Last weekend, I found these red & tan jute balls
on sale at Pottery Barn.
I had to have them!

I knew they would look "just right"
with my red ticking pillows (also from Pottery Barn).
 In addition, I could imagine these jute balls
with some red apples.
It would help make the perfect early fall vignette.

I placed the balls and apples
in a lovely Waterford crystal bowl.
This bowl was a gift my
husband & I received when we were married.

I keep it out most of the year
(filled with various things)
because it holds so much
sentimental value.

That's about all I can manage
with these temperatures.
Have a good weekend!

Au Revoir,

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