Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nature Doesn't Need Photoshop

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower"
-Albert Camus

Happy fall to you!
It is officially the first day of the new season.

It still feels quite warm in Santa Barbara.
In fact, Santa Barbara often seems to have
an "eternal spring".

I feel very fortunate to live here.
Many times, it is so beautiful that I just have to run
and grab my camera.
Then, I snap the shot!
When I look at it later, I just have to gasp.
It is so pretty that using Photoshop
would only diminish the beauty.

In Santa Barbara, nature doesn't need any help.

 For instance, I shot the photo above a few months ago.
It is a picture of sunset on the Mesa in Santa Barbara.
That is REALLY what the sky looked like.

This past spring, I commuted to work
along the 101 freeway next to the Pacific Ocean.
The ocean was stunning (as it always is).
Yet there were a few days when the hills on the opposite side
 were spectacular!
Blue lupines were everywhere.
I pulled my car over by the side of the road -
I just had to get a picture of this amazing site!

A little while ago,
we went to the tide pools with our neighbors.
This photo shows my daughter frolicking
with her friend.
A person just has to leap around
when the sand is so smooth & the ocean & sky are so blue.

If I were to use Photoshop,
I would probably crop out the houses.
Of course, then I may not remember
that this photo shows the sunrise as
seen from the front of my house in Santa Barbara.
Look at those amazing clouds!

Finally, I have the beach.
The Pacific Ocean is always amazing.
Grey & choppy.
Blue & smooth as glass.
However it looks on a particular day
- the photos never need any computer help.

Have a wonderful fall.
I hope you enjoy all that the season brings.
"I would rather sit on a pumpkin,
and have it all to myself,
than be crowded on a velvet cushion."
- Henry David Thoreau

Speaking of pumpkins,
I should go out soon (with my kids, of course)
and get some pumpkins for my home.

Au Revoir,


  1. Beautiful photos Barbara. I don't use photoshop, and never have even tried. Seems complicated. I like simple, everything simple lol! Happy Pumpkin pickin.

  2. Gorgeous photos, I love the beach and your pictures are amazing.