Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's a SMALL World... after all

It REALLY is a small world... after all!

Yesterday, my family and I went to Disneyland.
It was a magical day in the Happiest Place on Earth!
We all had so much fun.
Truly, what surprised me was how many friends I saw.

First of all, I was over the moon to have a meet up with bloggy-buddy Amanda from Dixie Delights.
I've been reading her blog for several years (about 4) and I almost feel like I know her.
Amanda is from Atlanta, Georgia and just happened to be visiting California.  As luck would have it, we happened to be Disneyland on the same day!
I suggested we meet for a short time.
I had Fast Passes for HyperSpace Mountain, so we met there.  I knew her the minute I saw her cute Lily Pulitzer pants and custom Minnie ears!
She is simply the cutest thing EVER - and super tiny!
I'm only 5'3" and I felt enormous next to her.
But, nevermind.  We chatted up a storm and had a fun time screaming and laughing together on the ride.
Thanks, Amanda.  It was great to meet in "real life".

A few minutes earlier, I ran across my awesome 4th grade student V.  Such a surprise!  All the students in my class have nicknames and V is known as Vector-Man.  My hubby and I saw V and his dad when we were in line for Star Tours (no pics due to privacy regulations). Good times.

At lunchtime, I saw Bestie M's sweet daughter A.
FriendDaughter A just happened to be eating at the same Disneyland restaurant at the exact same time.
Quite the coincidence, since I thought Bestie M's family was out of town.  Turns out, fatigue & illness kept the family in town.  It was so nice to see this wonderful girl.
Speaking of lunch...
YUMMERS and a half:

Corn chowder in a sourdough bowl!

The mandatory Diet Coke - in the Disney 60th Anniversary cup - which was totally necessary by this point in the day.

And, chocolate cake, bien sur!
It was delicious and it made my happeeeee.
It was topped with a white-chocolate diamond for the Disneyland Anniversary (cute!).
Speaking of cute...

After riding a ton of rides and being on our feet for quite a few hours, my hubby & I decided to sit in the shade and watch the Mickey's Soundsensational Parade.
It began with a great drumline and continued with dancers and Disney characters galore.
I loved it.
Moreover, it was really fun for me to see the little kids along the parade route who were rocking out to the music.
I love my teenagers, but I miss being at Disneyland with little kids.  It is such a different experience.
I had 5 teens with me this year (my kids and a few of their friends).  They were great fun, but it's certainly a different era.

Of course, all the sights & sounds at Disneyland were spectacular!

The Dapper Dans Barbershop Quartet...

And would a day at Disneyland be complete without a Dole Whip???  I think NOT.

The world is better off for Dole Whips and Disneyland.

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  1. hey michelle! how fun to meet up with amanda at Disney Land. How many times do you get to go there a year?

    1. I grew up near Disneyland, so I used to go all the time! I was even able to dance in some Disney parades when I was younger (a billion years ago). This year, I've been lucky enough to go three times, but it had been a few years. Sometimes, especially with 3 busy kids, it is hard to coordinate everyone's schedules. It was fun to meet Amanda. Through this blogging community, you really do get to make new "buddies".

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  3. I haven't ever tried either, but I am looking forward to doing so! Disney Land has never been on my radar. We lived in Europe when the kids were young and there were other things to see. Now that I have grandchildren, though, the thought of visiting the Magic Kingdom is very, very attractive!!

    1. There is just "something" about Disneyland. You have grown men wearing Yoda backpacks, women wearing Minnie Mouse headbands, little boys caring balloons & lightsabers, and little girls dressed up like princesses - and it's all good. Where else can you find that? People just seem happy - and that makes the whole experience worthwhile. Your grandchildren will LOVE it.

  4. I have nieces that go to WDW in FL and proudly send pics of their Dole Whips to family! A favorite! LOL!

  5. Such a wonderful post and lovely photos. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. What a wonderful trip and getting to meet blog friend in real life is the best! Happy weekend!

  7. What a fun day...and I've never had the Dole whip! I want it. My son has a new job there in he will have to take me!