Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mont St. Michel Art Poster/Vignette

A little while ago,
I added some new art to my living room.
I purchased a retro art poster of Mont St. Michel,
and I framed it in a bold, gold frame.
Now, it brightens a once dull corner of the room.

I love the autumn/Provencial colors of this poster - 
especially the bright red umbrella!
Additionally, this artwork reminds me of one of my
favorite places in France.
(And, for obvious reasons, I like the name! *wink)

When my hubby & I traveled to France about 3 years ago,
we saw so many spectacular things.
One of our favorite spots was the medieval
Abbey at Mont St. Michel.

Built between the six century and the 1700's,
the Abbey became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.
It is the second most-visited site in France
(after the Eiffel Tower, bien sur).

According to legend,the Archangel Michel told a bishop 
 to build the Abbey many centuries ago.
"Build it... and they will come," 
is attributed to the story of the Abbey
(and later usurped by the movie, "Field of Dreams").

Surrounded by treacherous mudflats and quicksand,
the Abbey of Mont St. Michel stands
alone on its rocky island.
During the Hundreds' Years War, the English made
many attempts to capture the island - but were always
defeated by the dangerous tides.

The art & architecture of the site are quite impressive.

Mont St. Michel is also famous for its incredible omelettes.
The omelettes were popular with the pilgrims of old,
who could eat the quick meal and still beat the tides.
La Mere Poulard is a well-known restaurant
that makes the fluffiest, most delicious omelettes in France!

Although they cost a pretty penny,
my hubby & I indulged in the incredible lobster-filled
omelettes at the restaurant upstairs
(paired with champagne, of course).
It was one of our most decadent meals, ever!

We had a wonderful day touring the amazing site.

Back home in Santa Barbara,
I recently found this retro-inspired poster of Mont St. Michel
I was drawn to the pretty colors and the
wonderful, old typeface.
The oversized poster flanks our large television set
(and adds a bit of decorative distraction).

On the table in the corner below the piece,
I have a lamp from HomeGoods,
a planter from Restoration Hardware
(faux - because the corner doesn't get much natural light),
a small, antique eiffel tower box,
and a small photo I took of Mont St. Michel
(in a frame that I recently picked up at a yard sale).

I like how the French-feel of the vignette
echoes the theme of the art poster.

Most of all,
I like that my new artwork and vignette
remind me of the absolutely wonderful time I had
in France and at my "name-sake" island!

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  1. Love the poster and how it so reminds you of the wonderful memories of your time in France.....The story about the Abbey is so very interesting and then how it relates to one of my very favorite movies! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Shirley. I'm glad you like the poster!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Shirley. I'm glad you like the poster!

  3. what great photos. i love when artwork can remind you of your travels. a year ago we went to paris for a week, and then the normandy region for a week, where we drove out to mt. st michele. thanks for letting me relive that feeling in your photos. the hubs had no idea what it was, so as you are approaching and you see it out there on its's so unique and arresting!

    1. I am happy you enjoyed the photo and they were able to remind you of your wonderful trip!
      Thanks for dropping by!

    2. Michelle, I love the colors of your poster. Most of all, the fact that it brings forth such fabulous memories is really the best thing, isn't it? Lobster omelettes and champagne? Yes please! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Lidy