Saturday, April 11, 2015

Paris Painting

When my husband and I took
a 21-day trip to London, France, and Rome,
we each traveled out of a 20" Eagle Creek rolling suitcase.

In addition, we each had a small carry-on
backpack or crossbody bag
(the PacSafe Metrosafe)
 for our camera and other small essentials.

 Our friends and family were incredulous.
They didn't think we could spend 21 days
abroad with such a limited amount of "stuff".

Nevertheless, we did it.
We planned & planned what we were going to bring.
We packed versatile items
 and we washed things along the way.

Here I am, waiting on the train platform in Paris.
I was so happy that I wasn't weighed down by tons of heavy luggage. 

We traveled on planes and trains.
We also rented cars and took taxis.
We did a lot of traveling
and packing light was fabulous.
I never regretted it for a second. 

OK.  For a few seconds, I had regrets...

It was difficult to shop!!!
One thing I REALLY wanted
to bring home from Paris
was an original painting from one of the
little booths along the Seine
(or from a vendor in Montmarte).

I couldn't.
I didn't have the space.

Towards the end of our trip,
I went into a shop in Provence
and bought an additional bag for souvenirs.
I was able to shop at the famous outdoor market
in Aix en Provence.
I was also able to purchase some wonderful items for our home and for our family & friends in the darling little shops.
However, I was unable to find the artwork I really wanted.
(Insert sad face.)

Imagine how happy I felt
when I spied this amazing painting
at a small, outdoor booth in Old Towne San Diego!
This painting has a similar style and feel
to a painting I was admiring in Paris.

The colors are perfect
because my home has a lot of butter-yellow
and tiny pops of red
(such as my throw pillows with red ticking stripes).
Also, the painting came framed (and was a great price).

I like how the artist uses
"chucky" splotches of paint and rough brush strokes.
This is a style very reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh.
To me, it has the right combination of modern and classic.

When I first came home from San Diego,
I hung my new painting in the kitchen.
It was okay, but it wasn't the quite right.
Now, it is hanging in the foyer - right by the front door.
It is the first thing people see when they enter my home.

Au Revoir,

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