Friday, February 27, 2015

Touches of Easter

I've been adding touches
of Easter and Spring
throughout my home.
It brings a smile to my face...
and a smile to my heart! 

I love how these pretty yellow tulips
look in my "Tiffany Petals"
pot from Tiffany & Co.

Although this little cutie looks vintage,
it is actually a new addition
which I purchased at a store called
"Lewis and Clark" on State Street in Santa Barbara.

 This pretty little picture also has a vintage feel.
I framed a greeting card from "Papyrus".
Of course, I almost had a heart attack
when the salesperson told me it was about $8.
I have never spent that much on a card!
I went through with it because I was using it for "art".
I'm glad I did, because it's super cute!
(In case you haven't noticed, I love groups of 3
because I am always reminded of my 3 children.)

More flowers...
These bright yellow begonias practically scream

This "Tiffany Petals" bunny
from Tiffany & Co.
matches the pot my tulips are in.
The pot was a Christmas gift from my Bestie J,
but I purchased the bunny myself (way back in 1998).

 This little box is a favorite Easter item
of mine.
Peekaboo!  Look what is inside:

This little carrot!  I love items that have little surprises.

I bought a few of these bunny egg holders at
Pottery Barn.
I needed something pretty to hold these
delicate hand-made eggs that
were passed down to my family from
my husband's grandmother.

These are just a few of the decorations
I have put out around the house
to begin prepping for Easter & Spring.

Au Revoir,


  1. You have some beautiful Spring and Easter decorations! I am looking forward to having some flowers bloom outside once Spring arrives here. Everything is so blah right now. I should probably bring some color in like you did! Thanks so much for joining the party too!

    1. Thanks, Kelly. Color on the inside is a great way to "psyche up" for the upcoming color outside.