Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Flowers #9

Happy Sunday!
Happy (belated) Dia de los Muertos!

Living in California,
we have many friends and neighbors
of Mexican heritage.
In some parts of Mexico,
the communities celebrate Dia de los Muertos -
which is Day of the Dead -
the day after Halloween.

Skeletons abound - but it is meant to be a happy day.
It is a time to think about the good times
we had with loved ones who are no longer with us.

Marigolds are the traditional flower of
Dia de los Muertos.
They are used on the small altar,
 or memorial table, that is created.

The bright orange is fun for fall.
Also, the flowers sort of look like pom-poms
for football season.   :)

Marigolds are pretty, but they do not smell very good.
They are often used as border flowers
for vegetable gardens (to ward off animals).
For Dia de los Muertos, the bad smell
is used to ward off "evil spirits".
They are also used to create a bright, festive atmosphere.

In loving memory of my grandparents:
Lanie, Bob, & Barbara

Au Revoir,

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