Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Vignette in the Kitchen

For a little while, I have had this autumn vignette
in my kitchen's garden window.

Some say that garden windows are
"out of style" - and perhaps they are right.
Even so, I love my garden window!
It allows a lot of sunshine to fill my kitchen
(which is a room I spend a lot of time in).
My garden window also provides a place
for me to create decorative vignettes in my small cottage.

As I was planning, I knew that I would keep the
colors of this space natural and muted.
I didn't want the items in the garden window
competing with the other colors in the kitchen.
One day, I found this decorative pumpkin/leaf
votive holder at Pier 1.
It was just perfect and it became the inspiration piece
for the rest of the vignette.

 I placed the pumpkin-shaped votive holder on a
wood stand from Pottery Barn.
Then, I found a few miniature white pumpkins with
cute twisted stems.

One miniature pumpkin was
placed on a glass candle holder
(also from Pottery Barn)
for some added height.

Like the French, I like to bring a touch of the outdoors
to my indoor living spaces.
The bottom shelf of the garden window was completed with
some items I had that fit with the color & feel of this vignette.

I just love this little bird!

The top shelf of the vignette
was focused around this Italian pottery piece
(which looks like a bunch of large grape leaves).
I think it is beautiful.
Moreover, the piece belonged to my husband's grandmother
- so it has a lot of sentimental value.

This white pumpkin plate (from Pier 1)
creates a connection between the Italian pottery
on the top shelf
and the white pumpkin-shaped votive holder
on the bottom shelf.

Two additional white pumpkins were placed on the top shelf.

My ceramic artichoke (from Williams-Sonoma)
ties in with the green of the Italian pottery,
the moss of the small bird,
and the faux French bottle in the vignette.

Finally, I added a rusty planter given to me by a dear friend.
It contains a little bit of rosemary
(which grows all year long in Santa Barbara).

So, even if my window is not "on trend",
I enjoy the autumnal feeling it adds to the kitchen.
 I also enjoy the sunshine it adds to my days. 



  1. I have always loved the garden windows even if they aren't "in style" currently. You have yours decorated so beautifully......I love that you brought the outdoors in too!

  2. Your window looks beautiful. I love every piece you used to create your charming vignette. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  3. I like how you filled your window with plants and Fall décor. I think we all have things in our home (unless it was just built) that aren't always up to date somewhere. However, that's just society saying that it's that way. If it still brings you happiness and isn't broken, then it's fine! I have a master bathroom with brass accents and plant shelves at the top of the vaulted ceilings. Very dated! But I can't change the architecture. Oh well, I will find a way to make it work anyway.

  4. Great job mom! I love your style ;) very chic and French.