Thursday, July 7, 2016

Travel - It's All About the Carry-On

Happy Birthday to me!
For my birthday (in January),
I received some money as a gift.
I used it to purchase something I've been
really wanting for several months
- and have been eyeing on Pinterest for some time:
the Lo & Sons OG travel bag.
(I did not receive any compensation for this post.)
I am sooo happy with it!

I've mentioned before that I am a "bag lady" - 
I LOVE purses, totes, and bags of all sorts!
I especially ADORE this OG travel bag.

The OG has a ton of pockets - inside & out.
It is a fantastic carry-on bag.

Whether traveling close by for a weekend,
or further away for an extended period of time,
it is REALLY all about the carry-on.

Being smart means packing light.

There are 5 steps to packing a smart carry-on for travel:


The "essentials" are first for a reason.
These are the things you can't live without.
Well, okay... you can live without them, but you can't travel without them!  When you are packing your carry-on, make SURE you have any prescription medications, and your passport (if traveling abroad) or other form of identification.
In addition, you need your ticket and/or boarding pass if you are flying.  Finally, don't forget your keys.  You can probably buy anything else if you really need it - but, if you forget any of the essentials, you're in for a bumpy trip.


Hey, I love my beauty items.  I try not to trowel my make-up on (no Tammy Faye Baker), but I also don't leave the house without a coat of mascara.  For travel, I keep my beauty routine simple.

Honestly, I recommend packing your HaB items in your carry-on.  Your items won't get lost and you will have easy access to them.  Personally, I like a little "in flight" touch-up before I land.  It's easy because all of my HaB items are close at hand.  I brush my teeth, spritz my face, gloss my lips, powder my nose, and run a brush through my hair.  Voila!  I feel refreshed and ready to begin my adventure.  Currently, I pack most of HaB in my new eBags Pack-it-flat Toiletry Bag.  It is flat, so it lays up against my laptop in my carry-on.  I pack my small liquids in a ziplock (not glamorous, but super easy).


Depending on the length of your trip,
you may be able to take all of your clothing in your carry-on.
I took a two-night trip to Pasadena, California, and I was able to bring everything for the trip in my OG Bag.
The key is to ROLL your clothing.  It takes less space and it helps prevent wrinkles.  For airline travel, you should always pack a scarf, like a pashmina.  You can use it both as an fashion accessory and as a light blanket on the plane.  (Don't forget a spare pair of undies, socks, and an extra tee!)
The OG Bag even has a small side compartment on the bottom that perfectly fits a spare pair of ballerina flats or other small pair of shoes.


I really enjoy reading and I used to travel with a bunch of heavy books and magazines.  It is funny to think of it now.
Laptops, Kindles, and cell phones make that stuff history.
I love that I can store my laptop in the cushioned area of my carry-on bag. I feel my MacBook Pro is completely protected. I also bring my Kindle and my iPhone 6s Plus.  Additionally, I pack my Canon Rebel and its additional zoom lens.  Finally, I bring the chargers for all of these electronic gadgets!  Wow.  It's a lot, but it all fits comfortably in the various pockets of the OG.  These electronic items help keep me entertained.  Also, I feel more comfortable backing up all of my photos each night I am on vacation. 


Some gum, breath mints, and a couple of protein bars help make the trip easy and comfortable.  This is my "go-to" trio for travel. I just pop them in a ziplock.

Traveling with just a carry-on is not only possible, it is WONDERFUL!!!  It makes a trip so easy!
When my hubby and I traveled to France and Italy
for a 3-week trip, we NEVER checked luggage.
He and I each took a 20" Eagle Creek rolling suitcase.
We also each brought a PacSafe carry-on.

I like my PacSafe, and I will certainly use it again.
I will especially want to use it in a place
where there are many thieves & pickpockets (Hello, Rome!).
However, when I am traveling to safer locals
(Hello, Pasadena.  Hello, Newport Beach),
I will be bringing my new Lo & Sons OG bag.

I hope these tips for packing help you with your next trip.
Do have any tips or suggestions?
Feel free to leave a comment below!

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  1. Hi Michelle, thanks for coming by and the sweet comment. I had to go check out your new bag, it's totally amazing! Sounds like you get to travel alot, and you've learned how to do it smart and in style. I'll be sure to tell my two daughters about it!

    1. Hi, Debra. Thanks for stopping by. The OG Bag was a splurge for me - but, fortunately, I was able to get it on sale. I don't travel as frequently as some other people I know, but I do LOVE it. I treasure the memories from each and every trip. BTW, I love your blog!

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