Tuesday, July 21, 2015

French Cafe/Bistro Set

Here is the finished French Cafe/Bistro Set:

Yesterday I posted about the old cafe table I had
and the $10 set of chairs I purchased at a flea market.

Well, I have a little side patio
and a little cafe/bistro set is just perfect for the space.
(The lighting isn't very good there, so for these photos
I brought the set out to the back deck.)

With a little red spray paint and a little TLC,
these pieces of "trash"
became a little french-themed treasure!

First, my dad used a template and cut some plywood
in the shape of a trapezoid to make a seat for each chair.
Then, the seat and the chair were painted with 3 coats
of Rust-Oleum red spray paint in Gloss Apple Red.

I love the leaf detail on these chairs!

I added solid red cushions on the seat
and checked red cushions to the back (for comfort).
I think it becomes similar to the chairs
found at  "RALPH'S",
Ralph Lauren's restaurant in Paris, France.

Found on Pinterest from whowhatwear.com

My old cafe table also got 3 coats of spray paint.

Then, it was time to style it up!

If you know me, you know I adore almost all things French.
Today, I styled the newly DIY'd set
in the reds, blues, & yellows of Provence.
I do think red is very versatile, however...

Red, white, & blue:  4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day
Red apples:  Back to School
Red, orange, & yellow:  Fall/Autumn
Red & green: Christmas
Red & pink: Valentine's Day
Red & white: Mother's Day or any time!

For the look a la Provence, I bought some sunflowers
from the local market. 
They are my FAVORITE flower.
First, I placed a glass of water in a large, crystal vase.
I put the sunflowers in the water.
I filled the vase with water, too.
Then, I went to my backyard's lemon tree and
picked 5 lemons, which I sliced and placed around the glass.

On the refurbished table,
I placed some provence-styled linens from
In the center, I put a tray with some "frenchie" items.

I filled a La Crueset yellow honey jar - from Bestie D -
with some red and white striped straws.
I also added an Eiffel Tower and a baguette, mais bien sur!

When my hubby & I visited Paris three years ago,
we would sometimes stop at a cafe in the afternoon
for a small glass of bubbly.
So, I added glasses of champagne and
little, individual-sized bottles at each place.

Well, there it is.
This entire trash-to-treasure makeover cost $19
($10 for the chairs and $9 for spray paint -
the rest of the items I had on hand).

Now, I wish I could sit in the Santa Barbara
sunshine and enjoy a glass of bubbly.
I really can't drink because I am trying to recover
from a long-time headache syndrome
(and I don't want to pull a "Whitney Houston"
and mix alcohol and medicine).
I will settle for a piece of baguette & a cold glass of water!

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  1. I love this little set and the way you've styled it. How fun and what a versatile piece. I am sure you will love it all year long.

    1. Marty, I know this set will get a lot of use. In fact, my daughter and her friend ate dinner there last night! Thank you for your kind words. You are ALWAYS so kind and supportive!

  2. That is such a cute table and chair set now! The bright red color definitely makes it stand out. It looks so French the way you styled it. I hope that you start feeling better soon!

    1. Kelly,
      I appreciate your sweet wishes regarding my health. Thank you. In addition, I appreciate you sweet comment about the cafe set.

    2. Love the red redo! What a cheery place to sit and enjoy! Very cute~

    3. Jenna- Cheery (and cherry, red that is...). Thanks! I know red isn't for everyone, but I like it and I am glad you do, too.

  3. What a happy but elegant table. Love how the table and chairs turned out.

    1. I am so grateful for your sweet words!

  4. Hi Michelle. I'm coming over from the Make It Pretty Monday party. Love your bistro set - red is one of my favorite colors to use especially outside! I hope I can find some pretty chairs and little table for my outdoor spot. :o) Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. I am so happy that you like it. It took me quite a while to find what I was looking for - at the right price. This is one of those times where patience paid off. Good luck on your hunt!

  5. Love the cute little honey pot, and you know red and white gingham is my fave!

    1. The red gingham seat cushions are from Ikea. Do you have one in Australia (near you)??? Thanks for your comment.

  6. The red gingham seat cushions are from Ikea. Do you have one in Australia (near you)??? Thanks for your comment.